The Situation Room is a powerful, immersive and interactive learning experience to facilitate better, group decision making.

What is The Situation Room?

The Situation Room is a multimedia theater space that puts participants at the centre of a challenge scenario … a scenario you create specifically for them. Within this space participants work as teams and have to make split-second decisions.  Teams immediately see the consequences of their decisions and how they can be modified.

What is The Situation Room good for?

The Situation Room is a hands-on experience that dramatically gives participants a ‘big picture’ understanding of a challenging scenario before the real thing strikes, paving the way for better preparedness.

Using non-technical language participants see how a challenge can be prepared for, whilst discovering the strengths or weaknesses of existing processes.

What kind of scenarios does The Situation Room offer?

This ‘decision-making theatre’ can accommodate any scenario you want to create. The Situation Room is designed to be an integral component of your communications strategy to better prepare non-specialist audiences for dealing with important, contemporary challenges.

Is The Situation Room a fixed installation?

The Situation Room can be set up as either a permanent installation or a mobile facility able to be relocated to isolated and remote communities – wherever your audience is.

Can I see The Situation Room in operation?

Currently there are a number of different Situation Room environments in operation:

  • The Arena at Siemens Innovation Forum, Bayswater, Victoria.
  • The City Game at City of the Future, Siemens Pte Ltd, Singapore, London and Mumbai.
  • The Supply Chain Knowledge Centre, GS1 Australia, Mt Waverley VIC and Botany NSW.
  • Waterworks at Black Rock Visitors Centre, Barwon Water, Geelong.
  • KIOSC Discovery Theater, Swinburne University Wantirna campus.
  • Getting In theater at the Immigration Museum, Melbourne.
  • Feeling Threatened theater at the Immigration Museum, Melbourne.
The Arena Theatre at Siemens Innovation Forum, Bayswater, Victoria.