Interactive Experiences

City Simulation Game

What if you were responsible for managing the future of a major city that suffered from poor public transport conditions, low water levels and hospitals in dire need of improvement? What decisions would you make, who would you consult and how would you allocate funds?

Chattabox Video Kiosk

Imagine having the ability to interact directly with your audience. To be able to gather honest feedback about your product and find out exactly what’s on your client’s mind.

Australian Racing Hall of Fame

A visit to the Australian Racing Hall of Fame at the National Sports Museum, encapsulates our country’s lifelong love affair with horse racing. Visitors are invited to discover Australia’s racing history through a variety of sensory experiences.

The Bombing of Darwin

There are some moments in Australian history that can never be forgotten. The morning of February 19, 1942, when 188 Japanese aircraft dropped bombs over Darwin, is one of those unforgettable moments.