City Simulation Game

What if you were responsible for managing the future of a major city that suffered from poor public transport conditions, low water levels and hospitals in dire need of improvement? What decisions would you make, who would you consult and how would you allocate funds?

Chattabox Video Kiosk

Imagine having the ability to interact directly with your audience. To be able to gather honest feedback about your product and find out exactly what’s on your client’s mind.

Australian Racing Hall of Fame

A visit to the Australian Racing Hall of Fame at the National Sports Museum, encapsulates our country’s lifelong love affair with horse racing. Visitors are invited to discover Australia’s racing history through a variety of sensory experiences.

“Getting In” Interactive Theatre

The boat is cramped and smells dank, as you huddle with your wife and small child alongside the other refugees. All around you babies cry out and the sick try to control their hacking coughs. The journey from your home country has been long and treacherous and you speak very little English, but you cling to the hope of a better life for you and your family.

Supply Chain Knowledge Centre

As you stand at the supermarket checkout and watch the person behind the register scan your items, have you ever given any thought as to how those items get to the supermarket shelves in the first place? GS1 Australia’s, Supply Chain Knowledge Center, allows members and visitors to experience all aspects of the supply chain including manufacturing, warehousing, transport and retail operations. This immersive exhibit features a multimedia simulation game that allows visitors to play the part of trading partners in a model supply chain, and to see the flow of electronic messaging that underlies modern commerce.


With the advancement of the Internet, video games and television, engaging young people in learning has many new challenges. Young minds have a thirst for knowledge, but in order to keep up with competing interests, it is vital that information is delivered in an exciting and memorable way.

Making The Law

Laws govern the way we live our lives. The recent addition of hooning and anti-bullying laws are just some examples of how the law has changed as our society evolves. But changing the law is not as simple as grabbing the whiteout and writing over them. There is an intricate process in which laws are made and the Parliament of Victoria wanted to provide an insight into that process.

Siemens Innovation Forum

For over 135 years Siemens have been innovators in the areas of science and technology. They are pioneers in problem solving the challenges associated with water, energy, environment, healthcare, productivity, mobility, safety and security.

Kaleidio was given the challenge to provide a permanent, public foyer display and theatre space that would significantly enliven the foyer of Siemens headquarters in Bayswater, Victoria.


Gone are the days when sprinklers were left on all day and long showers were the norm. Concern for the environment and water conservation are issues of great concern to many Australians, and it is important that we educate ourselves as best we can in order to protect our most precious resource.

Flying Colours

One of the keys to a child’s success in school is their ability to grasp vital literacy skills. But each child has their individual way of learning and it is important to ensure a variety of learning styles are available.