Andris Pinnis

Andris Pinnis

Team Leader Andris has provided the creative and administrative backbone to some of Australia’s largest multimedia and exhibition projects. He brings over 30 years experience in product and graphic design, film, video, slide/tape and interactive multimedia to the project. However it is Andris’ strategic thinking and general communication skills, which are his real strength. His passion for exciting and meaningful projects is the stuff from which the group’s innovative and energetic culture is carved. With an extensive background in education, Andris’ experience has been applied to all forms of interactive media delivery.

Matt Coldrick

Sound Designer

Matt is a composer, producer and ambient sound artist. He has a successful track record in the UK music industry. Matt has written and produced commissioned music for a variety of global brand clients in different media including Sony, Sega, BBC, Ch4, ITV, National Geographic and Sky.
Matt worked as a performing and recording session musician, (guitarist and arranger ), during the 90’s working closely with PolyGram recording artist “Gabrielle “ in the three years leading up to her prestigious Britpop award. From 2000 – 2009 Matt founded and ran Absolute Ambient, a record label and platform for exploring his artistic interests and it was during this period he began to explore the human connection to the elements and nature through ambient music.

David Grigg

Solutions Director

David is a software developer, and a technical and creative writer.

He has been involved in the field of interactive multimedia since 1985, and was instrumental in developing some of Australia’s most prominent multimedia projects, including the visitor information system for World Expo ’88, CD-ROM editions of the Fairfax newspapers, EANworks, the GS1 Supply Chain Knowledge Centre, the Siemens Innovation Forum, and any number of smaller projects for museums, trade shows and educational institutions. He particularly enjoys projects which involve explaining complex technical matters to a non-technical audience.

On a more personal side, David has always been a science fiction reader, and was heavily involved in the local fan community during the 1970s and 1980s, ultimately becoming Chairman of the 43rd World Science Fiction Convention held in Melbourne in 1985.

In recent years, David has made something of a return to the creative writing field and has begun writing short stories again after a long gap. His latest venture is a web site called The Narratorium, dedicated to publishing short fiction and other narratives online. You can find it at

John Uiterwyk

Solutions Developer

John is a software developer who creates innovative and intuitive applications that push the boundries of human computer interaction. John studied Computer Science at Boston College where he developed a solid understanding of the foundations of software development. In 2007, John relocated to Melbourne and began working with Kaleidio. He has developed numerous intuitive, interactive interfaces and multimedia applications. John developed an intuitive touch based “idea generator” that created a tangible, virtual space that spanned multiple touch screen computers. The application allowed users to visually combine different concepts to stimulate new ideas. Throughout his career, John has focused on delivering high quality technological solutions that fulfil the needs of his client.

Tam Connor

Senior Graphic/Interactive Designer

Tam is responsible for the development of design concepts across a range of media including interactive, motion graphics, animation, video and print and directs a team of designers to implement these concepts. Tam has over 10 years industry experience and specialises in interactive and user interface design. Tam is expert in the use of major graphics tools including Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, After Effects and InDesign. Tam attends client briefing meetings and participates in creative and strategic development of concept proposals.

John Skibinski

Character Designer and Animator

John’s TVC Work has seen him based in London, Sydney and Melbourne. Animating Australian animals is both a passion and his forte. This is evidenced in much of his work: as is designing such characters. For Dennis Tupicoff’s CHAINSAW and INTO THE DARK he animated 4 minutes of magpies, kookaburras, crows and sparrows using live action reference. Realistic animation was required in these mostly rotoscoped, (traced live action), films. In John’s films THE EMU AND THE SUN and LIZARD native animals feature prominently, the designs are whimsical.

Robert Brunton OAM

Exhibition Designer

Bob is expert in exhibition design services including design, planning and management.

His extensive work for the Australian Government as exhibition designer for decades of world expo pavilions, including Shanghai 2010, demonstrates his ability to develop innovative and flexible solutions, interpret complex briefs, manage armies of sub-consultants, and provide best value for money on time and on budget.

Bob has designed over 60 major and over 2000 smaller exhibition stands, interpretive centres and marketing centres in Australia and overseas. Few individuals in Australia or overseas can match Bob’s credentials in this field. He has won 20 national and international design awards for his work around the world, including the Order of Australia Medal for his services to industry through exhibition design.