Inside Parliament with Minecraft

Join Tilly and Finn on an interactive adventure as they go on an excursion to the Parliament of Victoria. Explore parliament through the world of Minecraft and mine for answers about our traditions, laws and citizenship. Meet the Presiding Officers, Members of Parliament and other experts who explain how the Parliament of Victoria works.


Working over recent weeks in the science foyer at Wesley College Melbourne – we’re now in the final stages of installing a flexible, temporary exhibition area. One of the exciting features in this space is an overhead, electronic kaleidoscope. Students will have the opportunity to create content for display in the kaleidoscope.

Hungry or Starving?

Lorna Whyte

Lorna was one of six nurses posted to the island of New Britain in New Guinea. They arrived at the capital, Rabaul, in April 1941 and spent a year at a military hospital treating soldiers suffering from tropical diseases. The Japanese invasion quickly captured the island, Australian forces were abandoned and regarded as “hostages to fortune”.

Lorna was imprisoned as a POW in Japan.  She received no contact from the outside world leaving her family to believe she was dead. Life was a constant struggle for survival.

POWs overheard the Japanese Emperor’s surrender speech on the radio but it wasn’t until the sight of American soldiers in their Jeeps that they were sure the war was over. Lorna  returned to Australia on 25 September 1945.

Australians In Vietnam


For the Galleries of Remembrance, at the Shrine, Kaleidio developed an interactive map with information about key places, units, and events. The map provides a rich experience that adds depth and context to the story of Australians in the Vietnam War. The interactive map focuses on Phuoc Tuy province and the surrounding area. To help orient the visitor an inset map indicates the particular area being explored on a map of all Vietnam. Some of the place names on the map will be familiar (Long Tan), others will be unfamiliar but intriguing, (what was the Horseshoe?)

Local, State, Federal?

The education unit at Parliament of Victoria has gone live with a new on line learning resource. I think we’ve transformed the dry subject of “Three Levels of Government” into an enjoyable learning experience.

There are several activities:  Interactive Comics – designed for single users and Amazing Adventures – designed to be shared by groups of students.  See what you think.

Galleries of Remembrance

We just completed final installation of several multimedia productions for the new exhibition galleries at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne. This impressive new exhibition opened to the public on 11th November 2014. You should take advantage of the free admission and take the time to visit. There is nothing else like this in Melbourne.