Inside Parliament with Minecraft

Join Tilly and Finn on an interactive adventure as they go on an excursion to the Parliament of Victoria. Explore parliament through the world of Minecraft and mine for answers about our traditions, laws and citizenship. Meet the Presiding Officers, Members of Parliament and other experts who explain how the Parliament of Victoria works.


Working over recent weeks in the science foyer at Wesley College Melbourne – we’re now in the final stages of installing a flexible, temporary exhibition area. One of the exciting features in this space is an overhead, electronic kaleidoscope. Students will have the opportunity to create content for display in the kaleidoscope.

Andris Pinnis

Andris Pinnis

Team Leader Andris has provided the creative and administrative backbone to some of Australia’s largest multimedia and exhibition projects. He brings over 30 years experience in product and graphic design, film, video, slide/tape and interactive multimedia to the project. However it is Andris’ strategic thinking and general communication skills, which are his real strength. His passion for exciting and meaningful projects is the stuff from which the group’s innovative and energetic culture is carved. With an extensive background in education, Andris’ experience has been applied to all forms of interactive media delivery.

City Simulation Game

What if you were responsible for managing the future of a major city that suffered from poor public transport conditions, low water levels and hospitals in dire need of improvement? What decisions would you make, who would you consult and how would you allocate funds?