Engaging communities with big ideas

As a government organisation, advocacy group, industry association or commercial enterprise, communicating with your employees, members or customers is a continual challenge.

Getting your message across

Whether you’re trying to …

  • Connect your services with other businesses or customers;
  • Deliver leadership messages throughout your organisation,
  • Manage change and introduce new ideas within your business, or;
  • Review situations and facilitate decision-making

… you need the right tools to help articulate your message, transform audiences and achieve your goals.

Transforming audiences through immersive and interactive learning experiences

The right technology, combined with guided storytelling, can help you connect the right people, with the right message, in the right way.

Learning whilst interacting and being fully immersed in the experience is what technology and storytelling can offer. If applied correctly, the result is transformative – your audience will be moved and inspired. We know, because we’ve seen it many times before.

A proven communication design process

So if you’re looking for an innovative way to connect with your audience, ask us how we can combine your big ideas with our inspired design in the next stage of your organisation’s growth.


Experience counts: Combining storytelling and technology

For nearly three decades, we’ve been using technology and storytelling to create innovative multimedia experiences that have engaged and transformed audiences. Powerful narratives that have helped people to understand a subject in a deeper, more meaningful way.

There are three distinct experiences that our designs have achieved with great success:

Learning experiences that provide tools to help you tell your story to stimulate a learning process. These experiences require a trained facilitator who can lead a group through the story with the support of these tools. Examples include: the Siemens City Game which challenges you to manage urgent infrastructure requirements for a growing megacity; Three Levels Of Government is an engaging, on-line learning resource that demonstrates the relevance of government in building vibrant communities.

Interactive experiences where the audience is part of the story and has a direct impact on the outcome. Ideal for communicating concepts, these experiences provide powerful opportunities to learn through play. The Bombing of Darwin interactive table vividly demonstrates how Japanese bombing raids impacted on Darwin through the stories of eye witnesses located around Darwin during the early 1940s. Touch screen kiosks at the Galleries of Remembrance offer an interactive album featuring illustrations and photos on the humour of war; an interactive map about Australians serving in Vietnam and the experiences of four Australians who served in World War 2.

Immersive experiences envelop the audience in the story through a controlled and multi-sensory environment … powerful messages are conveyed in a memorable way. Examples include: Siemens Innovation Forum where staff, partners and customers are introduced to a new way of understanding the diverse portfolio of Siemens solutions. Feeling Threatened takes visitors on a tram ride and they experience a racist incident through the eyes of other passengers.

Depending on the goals of your project, either one or a combination of these experiences can be designed to help tell your story and shift the mindset of your community.

See more project case studies in our Portfolio.