Gone are the days when sprinklers were left on all day and long showers were the norm. Concern for the environment and water conservation are issues of great concern to many Australians, and it is important that we educate ourselves as best we can in order to protect our most precious resource.

Barwon Water wanted to provide visitors to their Black Rock Water Reclamation Plant, Visitor Centre with an engaging and thought-provoking exhibition space. With the use of wall murals, interactive animations, games and presentations the result is a powerful learning tool for schools and the community.

By combining visual, tactile and aural experiences visitors are immersed in the Waterworks story.

One of the highlights of the visitor centre is a multi-player game focused on reliable water supply and management of waste from a growing population. It leads players through the historical development of water supply and waste disposal in the Barwon Water region.

The use of touchscreen technology, videos and animation and 3D models also enhance the immersive experience. The result is not just a memorable outing, but also a learning experience that will hopefully result in a change of behaviours to environmental challenges.