There are some moments in Australian history that can never be forgotten. The morning of February 19, 1942, when 188 Japanese aircraft dropped bombs over Darwin, is one of those unforgettable moments.

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of this horrific day, the Darwin Military Museum in the Northern Territory have encapsulated the events of that day with the Defence of Darwin Experience.

There are so many moving stories about the events of that day, Kaleidio designed an interactive table as a means to share those stories with visitors to the museum.

The Bombing of Darwin Interactive Table allows visitors to explore the stories of people located in Darwin during the first bombing raid, through the use of touch-screen stations. The locations of these people, animations of the flight paths and bombing patterns of attacking aircraft are dynamically overlaid on an aerial photograph through the software developed by Kaleidio.

Kaleidio subcontracted to The Pod Multimedia to assist with this exhibit, working collaboratively to produce a captivating and highly emotive interactive experience.