For over 135 years Siemens have been innovators in the areas of science and technology. They are pioneers in problem solving the challenges associated with water, energy, environment, healthcare, productivity, mobility, safety and security.

Kaleidio was given the challenge to provide a permanent, public foyer display and theatre space that would significantly enliven the foyer of Siemens headquarters in Bayswater, Victoria.

“Our Innovation Forum demonstrates how we continually generate new ideas and better ways of tackling the challenges of a rapidly changing modern world.” Siemens Australia & New Zealand.
The Forum consists of an interactive, eight-screen Colonnade in the foyer and the Arena theatre has interactive and audio-visual facilities. The facility may be used for individual exploration or facilitated group sessions.

The Arena Theatre provides a range of immersive, sensory experience to visitors. Some of these include:
The Random Idea Generator is an interactive screensaver that uses animated, colliding balls to illustrate how seemingly unrelated ideas can give rise to new ways of thinking.
A Day In The Life is an interactive presentation tool that follows a suburban family through a typical day. The audience discovers how Siemens is closely involved with providing the infrastructure that provides the modern lifestyle that we may take for granted. The audience is able to choose a number of different threads through this story allowing them to explore themes that are of special interest.
The City Game is an interactive, team building activity for up to twenty participants. What if … you were responsible for managing the future of a major city; a big city, somewhere like Auckland or Sydney? What trends would guide you? What challenges would you face? What decisions would you make? Who would you consult? How would you collaborate? How would you allocate funds to shape the city and deliver a population of contented residents? The City Game is a challenging and enthralling activity in understanding how all things are connected and how one decision can impact upon many events. The City Game is an intriguing and captivating vehicle for exploring the potential for partnerships and the power of collaboration.