Is it true that young people don’t care about anything except themselves? Is it possible for young people to have a voice and be heard in our society? Do young people have the skills required to stand up publicly about issues that matter to them? Is it possible for young people to create a better world?

Working with the Victorian Electoral Commission, Kaleidio set out to answer these questions as we interviewed over one-hundred secondary school students across schools in Melbourne and regional Victoria. The students were all working through the VEC’s Passport To Democracy education program, a five-module course that explicitly links students’ own concerns and passions with politics.

For their final module, students identified an issue they cared about and engaged with their local community to achieve positive change. We watched students metamorphose from stereotypically apathetic teenagers to impassioned and determined activists!

You can watch their journeys too on the VEC’s Youtube channel.

Check out Lucie’s group from Ringwood as they take their fight for animal rights all the way to the Victorian Parliament. Or have a listen to the students from Warracknabeal who inform their local council and wider community about the sorry state of the footpaths and the lack of heating in their classrooms. You might like to watch the students from the Box Hill Institute as they fight to have their school recognised as part of the Safe Schools Coalition.

No matter which journey you watch, you will be struck by the passion of our young people. We have no doubt that they can indeed create a better world. They already have!