What if you were responsible for managing the future of a major city that suffered from poor public transport conditions, low water levels and hospitals in dire need of improvement? What decisions would you make, who would you consult and how would you allocate funds?

The Siemens Mayor Simulation Game challenges you to be the mayor of a large city and operate successfully for a period of at least 20 years.  You will have to manage four large departments by setting their budgets and keeping an eye on their activities. These departments have minds of their own and you will need to ensure they are working to your plan or they may send the city broke!

Managing these departments won’t be easy. Many things can go wrong; the city could run out of water or power, crime could get out of control, traffic congestion may paralyse the city, or the city could go broke.

Every 5 years there are elections, your performance in managing the city will be put to the vote of the citizens. Depending on the result of the election you may be returned as mayor for another term or you may be voted out of office!

If you survive to 40 years as Mayor you have won the game!