Laws govern the way we live our lives. The recent addition of hooning and anti-bullying laws are just some examples of how the law has changed as our society evolves. But changing the law is not as simple as grabbing the whiteout and writing over them. There is an intricate process in which laws are made and the Parliament of Victoria wanted to provide an insight into that process.

Making the Law is a DVD that specifically meets the curriculum requirements of VCE Legal Studies and is also designed as an educational resource for tertiary students who need to know the legislative process.

The docu-drama follows Jack, a cadet reporter, as he tracks a bill from its inception through to becoming a law or Act in Parliament. It features key people in the legislative process including the Premier and Leader of the Opposition, as well as commentary by the Senior Lecturer in Politics at Monash University.

The DVD is supplemented by a pamphlet, How a Law is Made in Victoria, an additional learning tool that describes the process of law creation.