The boat is cramped and smells dank, as you huddle with your wife and small child alongside the other refugees. All around you babies cry out and the sick try to control their hacking coughs. The journey from your home country has been long and treacherous and you speak very little English, but you cling to the hope of a better life for you and your family.

A part of what makes Australia the lucky country is that we enjoy a rich and diverse culture. Our population has roots from all corners of the globe and continues to grow. Immigration will always be a subject of emotion and heated debate, but what is it really like trying to settle in Australia?

The Getting In interactive theatre, educates visitors to the Immigration Museum on this very topic. It shares the stories of immigrants and the history of immigration to Australia. Visitors have the opportunity to experience a situation where they play the role of a government official who interviews people who want to come to Australia. As the interviewing official, visitors have to make a decision about the fate of applicants, while facing them across a table.

This award-winning exhibit is a popular highlight of the Getting In exhibition and continues to be received enthusiastically by visitors to the museum.