With the advancement of the Internet, video games and television, engaging young people in learning has many new challenges. Young minds have a thirst for knowledge, but in order to keep up with competing interests, it is vital that information is delivered in an exciting and memorable way.

Wesley College
were all too aware of this when they approached Kaleidio with the challenge of setting up an Evolution exhibit in the foyer of their Biology Department at the St Kilda Road campus. They required a space that not only provided access to information, but also a source of inspiration for students to explore their own ideas and ask questions.

The exhibit encourages students not to just investigate the history of Evolution, but to also ask the questions: ‘What does it mean to be human?’ and ‘What’s next?’

Kaleidio designed decorative treatments for the floor, walls and ceiling; several large interpretive panels, display cases for objects and student-generated content, the resulting exhibit has created an immersive space to fascinate young minds and stimulate their quest for knowledge.